Kiin Baby: Moses Basket
Kiin Baby: Moses Basket
Kiin Baby: Moses Basket
Kiin Baby: Moses Basket

Kiin Baby: Moses Basket

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The Kiin Moses basket is hand made from 100% natural maize material, and is ideal to use as baby’s first bed. Natural Maize is strong, lightweight and eco friendly. 

Bassinets and moses baskets are popular because they're smaller than a cot and can be placed beside your bed during baby's early months. The lightweight portability of the moses basket makes it easy to keep baby close to you wherever you are in your house, and if you need to travel while baby is young they are easy to transport with you to your accommodation unlike a bulky and heavy portable cot.

The Moses Baskets continue to be useful long after baby outgrows them - they can be used for toy storage or a pet’s bed!


  • Portable - So easy to move around your house, or take away from home.

  • Cosy & Lightweight

  • Open breathable sides

  • Includes foam mattress with cotton covering

  • Suitable for babies from birth until they can sit up unassisted, roll over, or push themselves up on their hands & knees.

  • This basket is handmade from natural materials and may have slight variations in colour and structure.

  • Basket Size: 80L x 45W x 25H cm (Mattress size is 64L x 28W x 3H cm)

  • Moses Basket Stand sold separately

  • Mattress included

Moses basket SAFETY

As there are no standards in Australia for Bassinets we can only recommend that they be used for supervised naps only. Moses baskets are not designed as a carrying device, remove your baby first. While the leather straps are sturdy and strong its safest not to carry your baby inside the basket.

There is no specific cut off age use for the Moses basket. We recommend safe use of them until your baby can roll over, push up or crawl. Alternatively place flat on the floor or inside your cot so there is no risk of injury should they crawl out. 

Please keep your basket away from heaters, fires, stoves, fireplaces, camp fires, open windows, water, stairs, window blinds, ANY and ALL other hazards which could cause injury. The baskets have not been sprayed with any chemical fire retardants.

Please follow the SIDS safe sleeping guidelines.